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CBD Skin Care


Royal Ostrich

Radiance Daily Moisturizer


Bring out your best skin! For buttery smooth younger-looking skin, we've got you covered. Our Radiance Daily Moisturizer is jam-packed with powerful antioxidants and enhanced with the age-fighting properties of premium broad spectrum CBD to improve your...

Royal Ostrich

Ravishing Lip Plumper


Time to pucker up! Want a lip plumper that doesn’t feel like your lips are being tarred and feathered? Our Ravishing Lip Plumper is designed to accentuate and hydrate your lips without leaving them feeling raw. Apply whenever you want more...

Royal Ostrich

Renew Cream


You glow, girl! PTA meetings, traffic, smog, sleepless nights,  even sunlight, for goodness sake. It seems like everything is out to rob our skin of its glow. Fight back the causes of early aging with Royal Ostrich Renew Cream. Enhanced with premium...

Royal Ostrich

Restore with Collagen and Retinoid


For that got 8 hours of sleep look It's easy to embrace your age when you don't look it. Formulated to stimulate collagen production and cell turnover, Restore softens wrinkles, smooths skin, and clears blemishes. Each bottle of Restore contains 100mg...

Royal Ostrich

Skincare Bundle


Like our flock, skincare is better together! Give yourself the ultimate gift of skincare with this bundle, created to take care of your skin and includes: 100mg Radiance Daily Moisturizer - 1oz Bottle 100mg Restore with Collagen and Retinoid - 0.5oz...

Royal Ostrich

Vitamin C Booster


Want to C a difference in your skin? Our water-soluble Vitamin C Booster is super absorbing and formulated with 100mg premium CBD to help combat dryness and support the healthy balance of oils in your skin. Best when applied to clean skin and allowed to...