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CBD Softgels



Royal Ostrich

10mg CBD Softgels


Little drops of sunshine... Sleep better. Relieve inflammation. Stay focused on your to do list instead of zoning out on your phone. Like a zero-calorie cupcake, our easy-to-swallow CBD softgels sound too good to be true, but our flock swears by them and...

Royal Ostrich

25mg CBD Softgels


When you need a little wellness support... If anyone deserves some extra support, it’s you. Our 25mg premium broad spectrum CBD softgels are specifically formulated to nourish your endocannabinoid system and aid overall wellness. Our Flock swears...

Royal Ostrich

25mg CBD/CBN Softgels w/Melatonin


Riding the rainbow to dreamland! We all know that sleep is a critical function, allowing our minds and bodies to recharge. But our busy lives can sometimes leave us on the low side of that essential function. That's why our CBD/CBN Softgels with...