CBD Gifts

Finding the perfect gift can be quite stressful. Who doesn’t love getting something special? CBD gifts and products come in a host of variations for even the most difficult person on your shopping list.  The Holiday season is here so there’s no better time to explore the vast array of quality products on the market. 

CBD gift items for any occasion.

CBD gift ideas for everyone

Just about everyone enjoys the serenity of a relaxing bath. A CBD bath bomb is the perfect gift to help relieve sore muscles. Just add a CBD bath bomb to a hot bath and relax. 

CBD has beneficial compounds that can help revitalize dull skin. When Hemp extract is added to a skincare routine, improvements in skin quality and elasticity can be a result.  Face creams, serums, eye creams and lip balm infused with CBD might be the best answer. 

For the workout enthusiast, muscle tension is sure to happen. Hemp plants have unique properties that can help relieve muscle tension. A CBD sports balm with natural ingredients and CBD Gummies might just be the perfect combination to increase blood flow and relieve sore muscles. 

Sleep deprivation is on the rise and what better gift than a night of restful sleep.  Environmental stressors are real and definitely impact the body’s ability to have a night of restorative sleep.  CBD bath bombs, nano soft gels, and lavender balm might be the perfect gifts for sleep. 

Types OF CBD 

There are 3 main types of CBD variations. Being familiar with the cannabis plant and understanding what is in a CBD quality product is very important

CBD isolate is just that,  everything has been removed from the natural hemp plant except CBD.

Full-Spectrum CBD includes everything found in the hemp plants including various cannabinoids like CBN and CBG.  It does contain THC, the part of the plant that contains psychoactive properties. 

Broad Spectrum CBD products contain the cannabis plant compounds but is refined to remove the THC. 

Buying the perfect gift.

There are so many options for CBD giftsWellness productsCBD gummiesCBD Bath bombs, and skincare; just to name a few.  Always buy quality products that have a Certificate of Analysis. Know if you are purchasing Full-Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD, Isolate, and what that means. 

The potential benefits of CBD are too numerous to list if you would like to know more about CBD products or purchase a CBD gift, please visit Royal Ostrich and our CBD Education page to learn more.

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