Does CBD Oil Expire?

Does CBD Oil Expire? The short answer is that CBD has a shelf life of 12-24 months. This is impacted by many factors which include proper storage, extraction process as well as the quality of the additional ingredients. The Hemp plant has so many powerful properties and like most natural products there is maximum shelf life. So what should you consider the life expectancy of your CBD Hemp Seed Oil?

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Does Direct light impact the ultimate shelf life.

Yes, Direct sunlight can cause a shorter shelf life for CBD. Light exposure usually leads to excess heat exposure. Extreme heat is not a friend of natural products. Intense sunlight is a common heat source however, direct heat can also come from poor storage conditions. 

Can air exposure impact the life expectancy of CBD?

CBD, as a part of a daily routine, air exposure can impact hemp oil. Even high-quality CBD oil products suffer from exposure to air. Often, Active Ingredients begin to break down once they are exposed to elements in the air. Air-tight containers for CBD oil are a helpful way to preserve the shelf life of your CBD oil. Airtight glass bottles help guard your oil from the potential sources of and potential dangers of advanced aging of your products. 

Can the CBD extraction method change the life of oil? 

Yes, the method of extraction with cannabis plants can impact the expiration of CBD. There are a few popular methods which include Ethanol extraction and CO2 Extraction. The method used can affect the actual shelf life of CBD products. CO2 extraction helps preserve the integrity of the CBD properties and therefore has a greater opportunity to provide a more sustainable product.

Does the label tell me when a product expires

Any high-quality product will include expiration on the product label. Paying close attention to expiration dates is obviously a priority when using CBD products. Keeping your CBD products away from damaging sunlight and intense heat as well as an airtight container, will extend the approximate shelf life of your organic hemp. In addition, high-quality CBD products should come with a COA that clearly identifies the important information relative to the particular product. The COA should consist of pertinent information such as heavy metal testing, formulation, and expiration dates. 

Product and Storage Tips 

  • First purchase quality brands who test for heavy metals. Harmful toxins will impact the life of your CBD.
  • Keep oil in original bottles and keep a clean dropper.
  • Keep your CBD in a dry environment.
  • Oil from exposure is often impacted by synthetic ingredients. Reputable Brands shy away from any ingredients that will impact CBD oil shelf life. 
  • Keep CBD oil in a cool and dark space, away from heat or direct sunlight.
  • The rule of thumb is that most CBD products have a lifespan of 1-2 years. 

High-quality CBD products can help improve many aspects of overall health.  A quality product consists of a Hemp Extract derived from advanced extraction processes along with a delivery method that is free of artificial preservatives and distributed by a reputable company. 

CBD has numerous benefits, which include chronic pain relief and overall wellness. To learn more about the benefits of CBD.

Can CBD Oil go Bad

Yes CBD oil can go bad.  Because CBD is often compounded with either Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, or MCT Oil, expiration is inevitable.  Oil Matters along with extraction method and storage conditions.  Active compounds with CBD have many therapeutic effects but over periods of time, they can begin to break down. 

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