How long does CBD stay in your system

There are many factors that contribute to how long CBD will stay in your system.  The human body is unique and there are a variety of factors, that can contribute to the absorption and breakdown of CBD in the body over time. 

The main factors include, the type of hemp-derived products, the ingestion method, dosage pattern, and body composition

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Type of Hemp-derived products

There are three common types of CBD products. Isolate, which consists of just CBD, Broad Spectrum Products, and Full Spectrum Products. Broad Spectrum CBD products contain several cannabis plant compounds but are refined to remove THC.

Full Spectrum products contain all the natural derivatives of the hemp plant as well as trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in 

FAQs How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System

There are many factors that come into play with regards to how long CBD stays in your system. Check out this comprehensive list of items to help you decide what CBD is right or you.

CBD consumption methods  

It’s not as simple as oral consumption which is usually soft gels and CBD gummies vs. Sublingual Consumption, which is oral ingestion under the tongue usually delivered through a CBD 

Another key factor is the delivery of CBD including common methods of CBD gummies, soft gels and oils/tinctures. 

Soft gels typically can have a longer life span in the system from 6-8 hours. 

OIls/Tinctures through sublingual consumption absorb the quickest and can last from 4-6 hours.

CBD gummies, while a popular method of consumption, can have a broad range of 2-6 hours.

Usage and Dosage Pattern Matter

Occasional User, Frequent user, Heavy User, or infrequent users? How often CBD is used will also determine how long it stays in the human body. CBD consumed on a regular basis will have a residual effect and stay in the system longer than a single dose user or a couple of times per week. 

Body Composition and Body Chemistry

Body mass, body weight, body fat as well as metabolic rate, and digestive tract can all determine how long any supplement stays in the Human body. Hemp-derived CBD Products can be detected through blood tests, hair tests, urine tests over different periods of time.

CBD can stay in the human body for a couple of hours or stay in the body for a couple of weeks.

CBD quality products

There is a wide range of products in the market. While numerous factors can impact the duration of CBD in the body, a quality product with a Certificate of Analysis is extremely important. Label accuracy and Product Packaging should be inspected. Reputable CBD companies include the type of CBD on the label.

THC-containing products can show up on Drug Tests. 

Recap of Factors that impact duration of CBD in the Human Body

  • Type of Hemp Derived product
  • Method of Consumption
  • Usage and Dosage Pattern
  • Body Composition and Body Chemistry
  • Quality Products

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